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Enhance your Focus and Clarity

Michael Gremley, the CEO of a Voice Prism who was interviewed for Project: Bloom told me that meditation had helped him change the focus of his business. “The story of the business is probably the biggest change that occurred because of learning to meditate,” said Michael. “As I became more aware, the decisions I made and the …

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Reduce Healthcare Costs

A cross-sectional health study was performed in 2010 on more than 500 yoga and meditation practitioners who reported on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as well as medication usage. The study found that over 50% reported health improvements ranging from lowered blood pressure to alleviating chronic headaches and insomnia. The results clearly demonstrate that a …

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Handle Stressful Situations with Ease

Roy Powell has an interesting article about meditation at work at his web site: project-meditation.org.  In the article, Mr. Powell says that 10 to 15 minutes of meditation each day has been proven to lower stress levels at work, as well as increase productivity and harmony in the work force. My own experience with meditation in the …

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