Employee Self-Development

One of the main objectives of Project: Bloom is to encourage employee self-development.  We do this by offering lunch n’ learns each week, where someone with expertise on a particular topic shares his or her knowledge.  Topics include such things as financial planning, Excel and PowerPoint skills, business and email etiquette, how to prevent identity theft, email and file encryption, and how to back up the files on your computer.  Another great program is the Blooming Book Club.   Our Project: Bloom budget paid for the books, and we alternated between business-related books and self-help books. Each book was read and discussed over a period of three months, with a club meeting once each month over lunch.  Membership in the book club was limited to 15 people, so there was usually a waiting list.  In fact, at one point we had so many employees on the waiting list that we started a second club.  We read some interesting books together such as, Gung HoHR from the Heart, and Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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