Meditation Can Transform Your Workplace

There are infinite possibilities for the meditative mind. Just one meditating person can change the culture of a business. Just one meditating person can affect an entire community. Groups of meditating people can change the mindset of an entire country. And as Sadhguru has often promised, if only one percent of the population becomes meditative, we can change the entire world and transform it into the kind of place we all truly want it to be.

John Lee, movie editor on the recent hit film, “Inception,” said in an interview, “It was very stressful cutting a $160 million dollar film with all the technical challenges of shooting in different formats, not to mention the labyrinthine plot. The crew often remarked on how calm I was. I could not have cut that film if I had not been doing my (meditation) practice.

Michael Grimley, CEO of Voice Prism said in an interview,  “I’m a very passionate entrepreneur. I get very excited about what I’m doing. I put my heart and soul into the business. There is so much volatility in a start-up business like this, so I was having wild emotional swings. This was not only affecting me but also my team and my family. The biggest benefit that meditation had for me was giving me control over my emotions. I’ve always been a collaborative manager and listened to ideas. The number one thing is that I’ve been able to control my energy more. If a negative thing happens, I would typically get very angry and upset. Even if I tried to control my external response, such as what I said or my body language, there was no doubt that the negativity would ooze out somewhere. But after meditating, I still don’t even have to try to control those emotions. If something not so good happens, I don’t reactive negatively. It’s amazing. It has improved stability and morale at the company, since the team hasn’t had to deal with my mood swings.”