How to Bloom

Whether you are a business owner, a department head, manager, or a lone employee who longs for a better place to work, anyone can implement a program like Project Bloom. One person can make a difference. If the conditions are right, the enthusiasm will grow and more and more people throughout the organization will begin to bloom.

In addition to the information provided in the book, Project Bloom,  a report is available that can guide you and your coworkers through the process of forming your own Bloom organization.  The report includes a sample proposal for submitting the idea to management, agenda and topics for your organizational meetings, and templates for brainstorming objectives, activities, and incentive programs.

If you would like a copy of this report, click the hyperlink below to download a PDF copy.

Click here for the report.

We will provide as much assistance as possible in helping you get your own Project Bloom off the ground. We also have experienced “Bloomers” available who can come to your location and help you get started with services ranging from introductory talks to one-day workshops.

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