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How to Bloom Report

To learn more about how Project Bloom has helped companies like yours implement new and effective ways to find and keep their valuable employees and to increase engagement, morale, and performance, read our report “How to Bloom” [Click Here]. The report shows in detail how employees at one Fortune 50 company were able to effectively …

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Meditation Can Transform Your Workplace

There are infinite possibilities for the meditative mind. Just one meditating person can change the culture of a business. Just one meditating person can affect an entire community. Groups of meditating people can change the mindset of an entire country. And as Sadhguru has often promised, if only one percent of the population becomes meditative, …

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Employee Self-Development

One of the main objectives of Project: Bloom is to encourage employee self-development.  We do this by offering lunch n’ learns each week, where someone with expertise on a particular topic shares his or her knowledge.  Topics include such things as financial planning, Excel and PowerPoint skills, business and email etiquette, how to prevent identity …

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Enhance your Focus and Clarity

Michael Gremley, the CEO of a Voice Prism who was interviewed for Project: Bloom told me that meditation had helped him change the focus of his business. “The story of the business is probably the biggest change that occurred because of learning to meditate,” said Michael. “As I became more aware, the decisions I made and the …

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Reduce Healthcare Costs

A cross-sectional health study was performed in 2010 on more than 500 yoga and meditation practitioners who reported on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as well as medication usage. The study found that over 50% reported health improvements ranging from lowered blood pressure to alleviating chronic headaches and insomnia. The results clearly demonstrate that a …

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Find Your Inner Child

Project: Bloom transformed our office so that it felt more like play instead of work. We had a Game Club that met regularly at lunch in a conference room. We brought our lunches, and played cards and other games. I remember sitting with the Director of Training and several other people playing the game Operation. We each …

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Lead Your Team by Example

Ravi Venkatesan, former Chairman of Microsoft India, uses meditation as a management tool.   In an interview  Mr. Venkatesan said,  “I can honestly say that it was a turning point in my life in some important ways.  If you can’t manage yourself, how can you manage an organization of 5,000 people?  It’s really true. If you …

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Handle Stressful Situations with Ease

Roy Powell has an interesting article about meditation at work at his web site:  In the article, Mr. Powell says that 10 to 15 minutes of meditation each day has been proven to lower stress levels at work, as well as increase productivity and harmony in the work force. My own experience with meditation in the …

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